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Docker Build Services


Minimize the time-to-value of your Docker Enterprise Edition (DEE) investment with the Docker Build Service.

The Build Services provides expert assistance for first time DEE deployments, offering:

  • Best practice installation and configuration from an experienced Docker practitioner to minimize risk and ensure a quick and successful initial deployment
  • Effective transfer of information from field-proven Docker architects covering DEE concepts and operations to empower your technical stakeholders for long-term success

This fixed-price / fixed-scope engagement combines deployment and support services into one seamless and simple experience. A Solution Architect (SA) will build the specified DEE environment creating a fully functional, fully supported, and highly available DEE environment either on-prem or in-cloud.

Define Phase

Approximately 3 hours (remote)

During the first phase of the engagement the target deployment environment specification will be completed and the environment will be made ready for installation, including:

  • Initial call to scope the engagement, specify the target environment, and agree on the scope of knowledge transfer
  • Follow-on call to verify that the deployment environment is ready and active


Build Phase

Approximately 20 hours (remote, on-site optional)

Next, installation and configuration activities will take place utilizing the full DEE product suite, and a comprehensive knowledge transfer session conducted. This phase includes:

  • SA-led install of Docker Trusted Registry (DTR), Universal Control Plane (UCP), Docker EE Container Engines and minimal HA configuration
  • Knowledge transfer to customer team on key Docker technologies



The following components and features are included:
Docker EE Container Engine

  • Installation
  • Graph driver configuration

Universal Control Plane (UCP)

  • Load balancer configuration
  • HA controller node installation
  • Worker node installation
  • LDAP/AD configuration
  • Logging configuration
  • Simple application deployment testing

Docker Trusted Registry

  • Load balancer configuration
  • HA replica installation
  • Backend storage configuration
  • Docker content trust setup
  • Push/pull testing


These components are out of scope and would require a custom scoped engagement:

  • 3rd party driver installation or integration (e.g. monitoring, logging, networking, storage volume)
  • CI/CD system integration
  • Interlock configuration
  • Customer application migration

This service fee is excluding travel and related expenses


SKU: CONS-DBS-000001
Required subscriptions: 10-node DEE subsciption required
Delivery method: Rremote engagement via video conference and screen share.