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Docker MTA Services


Minimize the time-to-value of your Docker Enterprise Edition (DEE) investment with the Docker MTA Service.
The MTA Services provides expert assistance containerizing a traditional application, then deploying it on DEE infrastructure, offering:

  • Best practice infrastructure installation and configuration from an experienced Docker practitioner to minimize risk and ensure a quick and successful initial deployment
  • Best practice containerization and migration of an existing traditional Windows or Linux application to a highly available, production-ready DEE environment
  • Effective transfer of information from field-proven Docker architects covering DEE concepts and operations to empower your technical stakeholders for long-term success
  • Ongoing check-in calls from your Docker practitioner to verify success and assist onboarding to Docker technical support

This fixed-price / fixed-scope engagement combines infrastructure setup and application migration services into
one seamless and simple experience. A Solution Architect (SA) will work with customer to identify candidate
applications and complete infrastructure requirements. The SA will then guide customer through a remote build of the specified DEE environment creating a fully functional, fully supported, and highly available DEE environment either onprem or in-cloud. Finally, the SA will then containerize and migrate the selected application to the established DEE environment.


Workshop Phase

Approximately 5 hours (remote)

During the first phase of the engagement candidate applications will be selected as well as the target deployment
environment specification will be completed and the environment will be made ready for installation, including:

  • Initial call to scope the engagement, review application criteria, specify the target environment, and agree on the scope of knowledge transfer
  • Follow-on call to identify up to 3 applications as candidates for migration, ranked by preference

Additional follow-on call to verify that the deployment environment is ready and active


Infrastructure Preparation Phase

Approximately 16 hours (remote)

Next, installation and configuration activities will take place utilizing the full DEE product suite, and a comprehensive knowledge transfer session conducted. This phase includes:

  • SA-led install of Docker Trusted Registry (DTR), Universal Control Plane (UCP), Docker EE Container Engine and minimal HA configuration
  • Knowledge transfer to customer team on key Docker Technologies


Application Modernization Phase

4 days (on-site)

After the infrastructure preparation, an SA will guide the containerization and migration of the previously selected
traditional Windows or Linux application to the DEE environment. This phase includes:

  • Assembly of application components into a stack, centralize logging, creation of Docker Compose file(s)
  • Deployment of application components to DEE environment
  • Application validation and testing
  • Knowledge transfer of configurations, commands, best practices and other assets


Support Phase

3 weeks (remote)

After the Application Modernization Phase, an SA will provide weekly, one hour conference calls for 3 weeks
following the migration of the application to ensure success, provide ongoing guidance and best practice education, and assistance onboarding customer to Docker technical support channels.



The following components and features are included:


  • Provision of basic product knowledge
  • Review of application as candidates for migrations
  • Support through infrastructure requirements


Docker EE Container Engine

  • Installation
  • Graph driver configuration

Universal Control Plane (UCP)

  • Load balancer configuration
  • HA controller node installation
  • Worker node installation
  • LDAP/AD configuration
  • Logging configuration
  • Simple application deployment testing

Docker Trusted Registry (DTR)

  • Load balancer configuration
  • HA replica installation
  • Backend storage configuration
  • Docker content trust setup
  • Push/pull testing


Containerize Application Components

  • Creation of Docker Image for application component
  • Centralization of logging
  • Create Docker Compose file for the DEE environment
  • Validate application stack runs on a single node

Compose Application Components

  • Creation of Docker Image for application component
  • Centralization of logging
  • Create Docker Compose file for the DEE environment
  • Validate application stack runs on a single node

Deploy Application Components

  • Push application component images tot DTR
  • Deploy composed application UCP

Application Validation and Testing

  • Run functional test plan
  • Validate end-to-end deployment process

Knowledge Transfer

  • Review configurations, assets, commands, and general information on how to deploy application DEE


These components are out of scope and would require a custom scoped engagement:

  • 3rd party driver installation or integration (e.g. monitoring, logging, networking, storage volume)
  • CI/CD system integration
  • Interlock configuration

This service fee is excluding travel and related expenses


SKU: CONS-MTA-000001
Required subscriptions: 10-node DEE subsciption required
Delivery method: Begin remote engagement via video conference and screen share. On-site application migration
Contracts required: Modernizing Traditional Applications Services Agreement