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Puppet Health Check

The goal of the Puppet Health Check is to give the Customer a firm understanding of where they are in their use of Puppet Enterprise, what opportunities exist for getting more value from it, and other recommendations for improving their configuration management experience.

Puppet Consultants will use a combination of on-site meetings, interviews, system inspection, and automated data gathering to provide the Customer with a report on their use of Puppet Enterprise. This report will cover the state of their Puppet Enterprise installation, conformance with best practice, workflow assessment, features they are not taking advantage of, and many other areas of Puppet Enterprise related information and recommendations.

Recommended for:

  • Customers on Puppet Enterprise version 2015.2 or higher
    • Customers on PE 3.x should instead purchase the Puppet Upgrade Assessment or ask about scoping an upgrade engagement
  • Customers using Puppet Enterprise for 6+ months
  • Customers wanting an expert review of their existing Puppet Enterprise installation
  • Customers wanting an expert recommendation of next steps based on a review of their configuration management goals, automation, processes, and areas of opportunity

Consulting Services Description

Puppet will provide the following services related to the implementation of Puppet Enterprise:

1. Pre-engagement planning and preparation

  • Remote discovery call
  • Identify 3-5 Puppet related stakeholders/subject matter experts(SMEs) to interview during engagement and confirm their availability
  • Other preparation items as needed (systems access, logistics, etc.)
    • Access to puppet code base
    • iPrepare Puppet Enterprise installation to gather performance data
    • Request a meeting room is scheduled or available for the portions of the engagement which require meetings(first day, interviews mid-week, findings review on last on-site day)
    • Workspace for PSE (work surface and chair)
  • To be completed by the Customer prior to the start of the engagement:
    • Confirm availability of at least one technical contact has been committed for the duration of the engagement
    • Confirm systems access will be ready for engagement
    • Turn on profiling for performance data Service Description

2. On-site kick-off

  • Overview goals of engagement and review project plan in Trello
  • Provide high-level overview of Puppet concepts if needed.
  • Discuss current usage of Puppet
    • History of usage
    • What is/isn’t working
    • Customer’s specific goals for this Puppet Health Check
    • Customer’s future plans for the infrastructure
    • Other useful background to make the engagement most helpful

3. Initial Automated Discovery

  • Use automated puppet-adviser tool to collect baseline data such as
    • Infrastructure details
    • Node counts, Platform Breakdown
    • Capacity
    • Performance
    • Feature Usage
    • Other relevant information
  • Generate initial leave-behind report, further editing to occur throughout remainder of engagement

4. Interview Identified Stakeholders/SMEs

  • Interview the stakeholders/SMEs identified in the pre-engagement or kickoff meeting to learn about the current puppet usage and areas of challenge/opportunity
  • Briefly discuss problem areas, potential workarounds, and if applicable newer features that may help
  • Note relevant items in leave-behind report

5. Manual Discovery/Discussion of Processes, Workflows, and Infrastructure

  • Review Customer’s current and planned use of Puppet Enterprise, with a focus on high level topics such as:
    • Infrastructure and Future Growth
    • Workflows
    • Module Development and Testing
    • Security
    • Backups and Disaster Recovery
    • Classification and Data
    • Upgrade Path
    • Integrations
    • Current and Future Platforms(OS, Network, Cloud)
    • Other areas determined during engagement
  • Note findings in leave-behind report

6. Findings Review

  • Recap meeting to review the draft report findings, reinforce concepts covered, and close out the engagement
  • Areas of most interest from this meeting will impact the areas of emphasis in the final report

7. Final Report Revisions and Engagement Close-Out

  • Complete the final version of the report and send to Customer within 5 business days of the end of the engagement


  • Expert review of Puppet Enterprise related goals, systems, processes, workflows
  • Post engagement documentation including:
    • Summary of findings and recommendations
    • Detailed report of findings and recommendations
    • Appendices of additional data gathered