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Puppet Upgrade Assessment

The upgrade to Puppet 4.x can be intimidating at first glance. The upgrade assessment service helps to remove the mystery and give you a clear understanding of the complexity of upgrading your infrastructure. It provides the steps to take given the risk tolerance of your business. At the conclusion of this engagement your team will have a plan for how to proceed and be able to make a decision on whether to take it on yourself or bring in Puppet to help with some or all of it.

Puppet Consultants will use a combination of on-site meetings, interviews, system inspection, and automated tooling to provide a customized upgrade plan.

Recommended for:

  • Customers that need to get upgraded from end of life Puppet Enterprise 3.x versions
    to a supported version
  • Customers wanting an expert review of their existing Puppet Enterprise installation
    and code related to upgrade concerns
  • Customers wanting a clear plan on the steps to take to get upgraded or to determine
    if they want to take this work on themselves or further engage Puppet to handle it

Consulting Services Description
Puppet will provide the following services related to the upgrade of Puppet Enterprise:

1. Pre-engagement planning and preparation

  • Remote discovery call
  • Identify 1-3 Puppet related stakeholders/subject matter experts(SMEs) to interview during engagement and confirm their availability
  • Other preparation items as needed (systems access, logistics, etc.)
    • Access to puppet code base
    • Prepare Puppet Enterprise installation to gather installation details
    • Schedule a meeting room for the portions of the engagement which require meetings(Monday, interviews mid-week, findings review Thursday afternoon)
    • Workspace for PSE (work surface, chair, electrical outlet)
  • To be completed by the Customer prior to the start of the engagement:
    • Confirm availability of at least one technical contact has been committed for the duration of the engagement.
    • Confirm systems access will be ready for engagement

2. On-site kick-off

  • Overview goals of engagement and review project plan in Trello
  • Provide high-level overview of Puppet 3.x->4.x upgrade concepts if needed.
  • Discuss current usage of Puppet and upgrade related topics
    • History of usage
    • Customizations (external node classification, report handlers, etc)
    • What is/isn’t working
    • Areas of concern in existing puppet code
    • Business processes Puppet impacts
    • Risk profile to consider in the upgrade plan
    • Other useful background to make the engagement most helpful
  • Confirm access to puppet infrastructure, puppet code repository and other puppet related systems

3. Initial Discovery and Tooling Setup

  • Use automated puppet-adviser tool to collect baseline data such as
    • Infrastructure details
    • Node counts, Platform Breakdown, Puppet Agent Versions
    • Capacity
    • Performance
    • Feature Usage
    • Other relevant information
    • Setup catalog preview tooling on dedicated node or consultant laptop
  • Review any customizations identified during the kickoff meeting

4. Interview Identified Stakeholders/SMEs

  • Interview the stakeholders/SMEs identified in the pre-engagement or kickoff meeting to learn about the current puppet usage and areas of challenge or concern
  • Briefly discuss problem areas, potential workarounds, and if applicable newer features that may help

5. Catalog Preview Testing of Existing Puppet Code

  • Run puppet code through catalog preview tooling to get a list of issues
  • Work through simple compilation issues to get as many catalogs compiling as possible in the available time
  • Produce a catalog preview report as an appendix to the upgrade plan document

6. Draft Upgrade Plan

  • Based on discussions, catalog preview testing, and system inspection draft an upgrade plan covering:
    • New Puppet Enterprise infrastructure setup
    • Classification migration
    • Code updates for Puppet 4.x compatibility
    • Strategy for validation of code updates based on severity of issues and business risk tolerance
    • Agent migration strategy and steps
    • Old PE infrastructure decommissioning

7. Findings Review Meeting

  • Recap meeting to review the draft upgrade plan, reinforce concepts covered, and close out the engagement

8. Final Upgrade Plan Revisions and Engagement Close-Out

  • Complete the final version of the report and send to Customer within 5 business days of the end of the engagement


  • Expert review of existing Puppet Enterprise infrastructure, puppet code, and other areas needed to produce a plan for upgrading from Puppet 3.x to Puppet 4+
  • Upgrade Plan Document including:
    • Summary of findings and recommendations
    • Detailed upgrade phases and steps within each phase
    • Appendices of additional data gathered