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HashiCorp – Intermediate Vault (1-day)

Training HashiCorp – Intermediate Vault

Building Secure Applications with Vault (1 day) or Existing practitioners and users of Vault.

This is a comprehensive, engineerled course that covers intermediate and advanced features of HashiCorp’s Vault. The course is aimed at both Vault administrators operationalizing vault and users wishing to acquire secrets from Vault.

Topics include:
Vault design and architecture
Setting and managing policy
Authenticating to Vault
Deploying Vault in an HA environment
Secure introduction for secrets and machines
Rekeying Vault
Building your own Certificate Authority (CA)
Managing SSH access
Building your own Encryption as a Service (KMS)
Interacting with the HTTP API


  • WIFI and SSHenabled device with a Terminal
  • Modern Internet browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari
  • Ability to connect to the public Internet unrestricted (no proxies or firewalls)

EUR 850 (excluding VAT/BTW)

Lab sessions

Lab Sessions will start at: 09:30 AM


– Laptops for training purposes will be provided.
– Coffee/tea and Lunch is arranged.
– If you may have special dietary requirements or preferences, please inform us via email.

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